Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Some days are harder than others being a fashion intern, my greatest advice is perseverance; if you're lucky enough to get a placement then you've already got it in spades.

Being rejected over and over by the companies you apply to (I myself applied to around 100) stands you in good stead for working in the fashion industry- it's hard, it's not glamorous, it's often low paid and sometimes it feels like there's no reward. Just remember why you're there, this is your dream, you've coveted the pages of Vogue since you can remember, you've given up food so you can buy those beautiful clothes and one day, I hope, you'll land your dream job (I have many dream jobs; fashion editor at Vogue, buying at ASOS, marketing at Fred Perry or travelling the world researching future trends are but a few!)

Some days I have to keep this distant future in my head more than others.

Whilst my job is stressful and unpredictable these are often the things that make it so interesting, I learn something new every day whether it's learning to deal with difficult people or managing unforeseen and unexpected problems with a moments notice.

Being an intern you will have your own hefty job to do, mine consists of budgets and accounts as well as branding and labelling for several brands and being an assistant buyer for my own brand (which in itself has a multitude of roles- a more detailed blog to follow!). As well as these roles I'm expected to do other tasks the busier buyers can't cope with from swatch cards, research, product development and approvals and general admin. This means my workload is never-ending my advice here is to be organised, be constantly aware of deadlines, take thorough notes always (and don't throw them away when you think you're done!) and persevere, the reward is out there.

On this note I have selected a few inspirational images from Pinterest to get you (and me) through the harder times, enjoy!

Because it's why we're all here after all...

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