Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Creativity Strikes Twice

After working in a design studio all Summer my creative juices got flowing, now I've started my placement it's less creative on a daily basis, i.e. I'm not doodling on illustrator all day or sat cross-legged on the floor glueing beads to bits of card and what-not whilst head bashing to the radio! To keep up my creative momentum and to stop me going insane I've set myself a challenge; do one creative thing a week.

Week One: Heroically rescue a beaten up, ready-for-the-skip TV chest with a lick of paint and smidge of inspiration;

 So I need to invest in a better camera and some swanky Photoshop software but here's how the magic happened;

I sanded down the cabinet and painted it entirely white with emulsion. After letting it dry for two days I masking taped the edges and painted the inside blue, again with regular ol' wall paint. Once that dried I added a few of my more beautiful books (a hard cut as I have a few!) and added the frame and Vivienne Westwood shoes for a bit of variety as I've heard it's the spice of life!

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