Monday, 18 March 2013

Consumer Profiling

When I took over this brand I had little idea of who our customer was, the brand seemed to lack vision and I couldn't work out who would buy our product.

I looked over an archive of past ranges, did my research on the internet (which was pretty fruitless - we're only a little fish in a big pond) and asked around the company, anyone who'd ever worked on the brand had left and no one seemed to have a clear idea.

As I've mentioned before we had little time to pull the range together and so I relied mainly on looking at who I felt were our competitors in the market and looked at who their consumers were; a quirky, luxury shirt brand for a mans man with a rich history and a high end price tag to me meant brands such as Paul Smith, Duchamp and Tiger of Sweden, to name a few, but for this season I've set myself a project of creating an in depth and comprehensive consumer profile of our own (something I think every brand should have regardless)

I've sent our a document to our store managers to fill in, after all they know our customers the best, including the basics; age, job, marital status, reason for buying, style icon etc. I'm also going to look in to more in depth socio and geo demographics and use statistical information from Mintel and the National Readership Survey. 

Once I complete this we'll have a much better idea of who our man is and i'll have a great piece of work to add to my portfolio (which I am constantly adding to as and when I find the time!)

Tomorrow I'm going to London to visit our stores and check out the customers myself, I've also been reading magazines such as GQ & Esquire to get in to our consumer's head and I'm finding it really interesting, I'm intrigued by brand development and what motivates customers to buy, as a buyer you get to be involved in all aspects of the product which is great at getting an insight in to different job roles I'd like to explore when I graduate.

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