Thursday, 7 February 2013

J'adore Première Vision

Paris. The most beautiful city on earth, it's a cliche for a reason and a few times a year even more of the fashion glitterati (and the rest of us) flock there for the fashion shows and the trade shows.

Next week Première Vision takes place, unfortunately I won't be attending but I have assisted my director with making her appointments with the regular mill agents and suppliers as well as looking in to a few more I've stumbled across whilst picking the fabrics for our next range (AW13/14).

This has involved trawling through fabrics headers from previous seasons - of which we have thousands and falling for the handwriting of certain mills. I've then used The Oracle (Google) to scan their websites to get an idea of price, product and lead time (we look for mills in Europe as apposed to the Far East as we need a shorter lead time) and finding their agents details.

I then contact the agents to get a clearer picture and they send me more up to date headers. If I still think their right I'll pitch them to my director and squeeze them in to her schedule.

When she comes back it will be a busy few weeks, hundreds more headers will come through that she selected which I'll have to look through and see if we can use our OTB to get any in to the current range, I'll put others aside for future ranges and with the rest I'll question her sanity for picking them in the first place!

It's an exciting time and I look forward to going myself in the near future. Other trade shows to look forward to include; Pitti, Milan Unica and Bread and Butter, these shows are flamboyant displays of the latests trends and technologies in textiles and fashions as well as a networking opportunity.

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